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About usAbout us

About us

About us

Pharmaceutical company “Jona Med” is a young, dynamic and growing pharmaceutical wholesaler.

Jona Med is registered as a business unit in Ministry of Trade and Industry with registration number 810503690 and it is also licensed by Kosova Medicine Agency as wholesaler pharmaceutical company with license number L1-0695/06/11/2019 started its activities in beginning of 2005.

Among the most important achievement of our company are:

Exclusive distributor agreement with well-known international companies to import, promote and sell their products in the Kosovo market.

This helped our company to achieve covering of 95% of the state territory and to have more than 80% of possible buyers as our regular clients.

Jona Med has three divisions within sales departments focused as follow:

Sales on Private Sector (including pharmacies and wholesalers)
Sales on Public Sector (including institutions such as Ministry of Health, University Clinical Center of Kosova, Kosovo Police Service ect.)
Sales on Private Polyclinics (including small and medium sized private clinics)

Jona Med has established Export Department which operates with all requests within exporting countries.
Jona Med established as well Marketing Department and Finance Department.