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About us

Jona Med

About us

About us

Founded in 2005 Jona Med started covering only one part of the territory, to expand later in whole Kosovo.

Jona Med is a professionally managed Pharmaceutical Products Distribution Company with an expert management team, powerful strategic local, international partners and secure market positioning.

Jona Med was established with the purpose of providing quality products through effective strategy using the right people in the right place.

Founders are professional, marketing and entrepreneur driven. We drive on the basic emphasis that quality, first class service and attitude in providing solutions for everyone and total customer satisfaction. Working as an integral part of our team, we bring together sales expertise, best class products, extended pharmaceuticals knowledge and proven methods that enable us to analyze, design, develop and implement solutions that will exceed customer and partner expectations.

Jona Med’s management team is characterized by a unique combination of knowledge and experience. Our team members have experience and proven track records. Our employees are experienced and motivated. We hone their skills through a series of intensive training and orientation programs.
We mostly hire experienced workers so that we can achieve quick turnaround and quality output.

Our Management drives the vision, the Strategic Direction and Focus that the company believes in so strongly. The executive management staff provides the experience and technical excellence that are needed to achieve our aggressive goals of satisfying client requirements both today and in the future.

We have built modern, fully equipped facilities with latest developed infrastructure, in a very good analyzed location in Prishtina City, near to Airport and easy to connect into Kosovo highways.

IT infrastructure is based in cloud Client Server architecture, ERP, CRM and the latest standard of Accounting software is developed in order to provide accurate, most realistic and in time data management.

Our first priority is to create satisfied customers in long-term relationships; everyone at JonaMED has a role in this. We are in essence a people oriented company. We advocate freedom of speech and transparency at work. Everyone has the right to opinionate, question and debate over established norms. And that is how we derive our creativity. We develop innovative solutions with excellent quality on focus on cost effectiveness and speed.

Jona Med just recently filled in applications and started preparing itself to be certified as a company with a system for quality management ISO 9001 and very soon continuing with an effective environmental management system ISO 14000 and GDP standards