Pico D3 with Omega 3

Pico D3 with Omega 3

Pico D3 with Omega 3

Dietary supplement containing vitamins like vitamin D, and DHA Omega 3.

Pico D3 is a dietary supplement specially formulated for children and recommended to help maintain optimal rich levels of vitamin D and Omega 3 DHA fatty acids.

The composition of Pico D3 is indicated in cases, where there is a reduced intake of these elements or intestinal malabsorption and when it is necessary to stimulate the body's defenses against different infections.

Vitamin D is liposoluble vitamin responsible for the absorption of Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Phosphorous and Zinc in the body. It is essential for proper bone mineralization. Vitamin D deficiency in children can cause rickets a disease that causes deformities in the skeleton.

DHA (omega 3) is essential for developing neurological, ocular and cardiovascular systems. DHA is omega 3 fatty acid that is now widely known as essential nutrient for normal functioning of the brain and nerve tissue (including cognitive performance, learning, memory capacity etc.) and for retina in eye for visual acuity. DHA is important for brain development of the baby. It is also necessary for the protection of cell membranes.

Directions for use:

Take 0.5ml per day, with the dropper inserted inside the package. Or otherwise, prescribed by the pediatrician. The drops can be administered directly into the baby's mouth or can be digested in milk or other foods. It has an aroma and taste acceptable to babies.

Does not contain sugar or artificial sweetener.

Packaging for 30 days use.