Previt plus tablets

Previt plus tablets

Previt plus tablets

Dietary supplement with vitamins, minerals and Omega 3 beneficial during pregnancy.


Previt Plus is a dietary supplement based on vitamins and minerals useful during pregnancy.

Previt plus contains essential vitamins and minerals required during pregnancy as Folic acid, vitamins like B complex, A, C, E, D3 and minerals like magnesium, copper, iron, zinc, manganese, iodine, etc.

Generally, Previt plus contains 19 vitamins and minerals in balanced amounts for specific body requirements during pregnancy.

Previt plus contains Omega 3, following the trend of the latest recommendations of doctors about the benefits of Omega 3 fats during pregnancy.

Omega 3 benefits during pregnancy

Omega 3 is essential for the neurological function and early visual development in children. Pregnant woman loses her amounts of omega 3, as the fetus during its development of the nervous system absorbs omega 3. That’s why it is important that Omega 3 is taken as a food supplement during pregnancy. It has been proved that Omega 3, are useful also after birth to support the production of breast milk. Studies have shown that the use of Omega 3 during pregnancy, except neurological and visual development also reduces the risk of allergies in newborns.