Pico Multivit syrup

Pico Multivit shyrup

Pico Multivit syrup

Pico Multivit is the balanced formula of vitamins and minerals to fulfill long-term needs of children for healthy growth and development.

Composed of 9 essential vitamins, minerals and extracts of Sambucus and Acerola, helps and supports the healthy physical growth and development of bone, muscle and brain in children.

Strengthens immunity and increases appetite.


  • Lack of appetite
  • Excessive fatigue in children of school age
  • Growth delay
  • Dietary supplement addition to treatment with antibiotics
  • Dietary supplement vitamin addition especially in winter and spring

Directions for use:

Children from 1-3 years:2x5ml syrup/day

Children over 4 years: 3x5ml syrup/day

Pico Multivit syrup should be taken after meals, as it is or pour into tea or juice.