Pico multivit drops

Pico multivit drops

Pico multivit drops

Dietary supplements of multivitamins and Fluoride.

Vitamins and Fluoride meet the nutritional needs for healthy growth and development of children, especially infants. Helps and contributes to the development of bones, muscles and the brain.


  • Lack of appetite
  • Growth delay
  • Improperly eating children
  • Dietary supplement addition to treatment with antibiotics

Fluoride plays an important role in developing and protecting teeth.

It is more than necessary, especially in children because their teeth need greater protection given because they have mainly “milk” teeth, which are more sensitive. But even in adults it is essential to prevent caries.

Directions for use:

15-20 drops 1 or 2 times per day or as prescribed by doctor and can be mixed with water or any liquid. Infants: 1 point per kg / body weight or prescribed by the doctor.