Pico Lactis Plus

Pico Lactis Plus

Pico Lactis Plus

Dietary supplement of live milk enzymes, vitamin B complex, brewer’s yeast and FOS.

Synbiotic product that contains combination of probiotics with prebiotics.


Pico Lactis Plus is dietary supplement of live milk enzymes, vitamins B complex, brewer’s yeast and FOS. It is indicated in cases of intestinal bacterial flora disorders caused by diarrhea, irregular feeding, antibiotic treatment and stress.


  • Diarrhea in children caused by different viruses;
  • Prevent diarrhea in children as a result of treatment with antibiotics or during hospitalization;
  • Treatment of diarrhea as a result of infection with the bacteria Clostridium difficile;
  • Vaginal bacterial infections;
  • Treats and prevents eczema in infants and children;
  • Support therapy treatment against Helicobacter pylori;
  • Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS);
  • Lung infections in children;
  • Prevent traveler’s diarrhea;

Directions for use:

One or two vials per day or as medically indicated, preferably on an empty stomach. If necessary, dilute in water or other fluid.

With the “ring” rotate the cap in the clockwise direction until the end and then the content of the deposit falls into the bottle and then shake well the vial.

Remove the cap by turning in the opposite direction.